Our Health Care Clinics

Our mission is to provide high quality medical services for international patients by combining the opportunity of treatment and holiday.
Case di Cura “Villa Serena e Nuova Clinica San Francesco”
Founded in 1964 by Dr. Gerardo Di Miscio, in 2012 was appointed as the best national hospital care facility for congestive heart disease by Agenas (National Agency for Regional Health Services); the "Micuro.it" web portal quotes it, through the analysis of clinical records, the best Italian health facilities based on parameters set by the Ministry of Health; the Online Guide puts it first in Puglia, and among the first in Italy, for the treatment of knee pathologies and of cardiac insufficiency.
Casa di cura "Salus"
Completely restructured in 2007, this polispecialist hospital and outpatient facility is one of the key points of Puglia healthcare since 1955, the date of its establishment. The Salus Health Care Center is included in the Biomedical and Health Research Program of the Mediterranean Medecine Institute (ISBEM) with which it is co-ordinated. In addition, since November 2011, he has signed an agreement with the University of Salento for scientific research projects in the field of Medical Assisted Procreation. Since July 2004, it has obtained the ISO9001: 2000 quality certification for the entire productive process.
Casa di cura "Villa Bianca"
Founded in 1955 by Erina and Domenico Galluccio, since 2005 it has become the only institute in Salento contracted with the Telemedicine service of the Rizzoli Orthopedic Institutes in Bologna. The various structures that are part of "Villa Bianca" are characterized for the professionalism of the specialists, the continuous updating of the personnel, the innovative technologies, the structures and the comfortable rooms, but especially for the respect and the cure of the patient. The clinic sees its primary specialization in the field of orthopedics: the health care team consists of highly qualified professionals in the fields of Traumatology, Orthopedic Surgery, Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation.
I.R.C.C.S. Neuromed Istituto Neurologico Mediterraneo
Pozzilli (Isernia)<br>Molise
Pozzilli (Isernia)
Neuromed is an Institute of Hospitality and Scientific Care (IRCCS) and a center of national relevance and highly specialized in Neurosurgery, Neurology, Neurorehabilitation and in all neuroscience applications in which Neuroradiology, Angiocardioneurology and Vascular Surgery can be used.
Neuromed, which operates both under the regime of the National Health Service and in private mode, hosts a hospital of excellence that meets the most demanding care needs and the most up-to-date organizational, technological and structural requirements, in compliance with the most stringent standards of quality. To complete the picture, there is a polyambulator that can deliver both generic and special performance and a range of diagnostic imaging, laboratory and instrumental services.
Casa di cura Malzoni "Villa dei Platani"
This qualified health care facility has distinguished itself for innovative and integrated medical and surgical approaches in the field of gender-specific pathologies. For this connotation, in a far-sighted way, the time went ahead and realized what is now called the "Hospital of the Woman". The close synergy between the Department of Obstetrics, Neonatal Intensive Care and the Nursery is at the heart of the primacy of this institution, which is confirmed as a state-of-the-art health care facility for the clinical care of obstetric gynecology and center of excellence in the maternal - childish sector. The Casa di cura Malzoni also stands out to become one of the 10 most advanced Italian centers in the treatment of gynecological oncology.
Istituto di neuroscienze Neurological Centre of Latium (NCL)
The Neurological Center of Latium is a specialized neurological structure that is the result of the transformation and reorganization of the New Latina Clinic. The transformation has maintained the commitment to carry out the same strategy for central and peripheral nervous system disorders by optimizing and completing a professional course begun nearly 30 years ago.
NCL's philosophy is based on professional integration with local medicine in order to optimize patient care times and ways, which can find in the Institute staff the scientific and technical skills of a state-of-the-art healthcare facility. The Institute encloses a Clinical-Surgical Department of Neurological Sciences in which neurologists and neurosurgeons work independently to handle cases according to their specific skills, while retaining collegiality in decision-making concerning the most complex cases.
Clinica Casa di cura "Villa Valeria"
This clinic offers specialist services of absolute excellence and the highest technologies in image diagnostics, laboratory analysis, preventive medicine, check-ups and polyspecialist visits. The fundamental principle on which the service is provided is to enhance the "patient's centrality" by finalizing the structural, technological and professional resources to solving the health problems of users. The property has no. 61 beds in single, double, triple or quadruple rooms equipped with every comfort. "Villa Valeria" is authorized as a Polytechnic Surgical Care House and accredited for the Orthopedic branch.
Casa di cure Orestano
Inaugurated in 1921, since then this clinic represents a center of excellence in Sicilian health and not only. Highly qualified professionals and state-of-the-art equipment have made the structure enjoy trusted patients confidence. The clinic performs diagnosis and treatment in agreement with the SSN under the Ordinary Hospital, Day Hospital, Day Surgery and Day Service in the field of surgical branches of General Surgery, Aesthetic Surgery, Vascular Surgery, Ophthalmology, Orthopedics, Urology, and in the medical branches of Cardiology, Internal Medicine, Oncology.
Since 2013, Casa di Cure Orestano has initiated, under the direction of Dr. Erminia Bentivegna, Head of Vascular Surgery, an innovative technique to promote regeneration of the dermis in gangrene and ulcers, and save the arts from amputation: a new surgical pathway that develops care based on the use of special membranes.
Casa di cura "Villa Sant’Anna"
Reggio Calabria<br>Calabria
Reggio Calabria
Founded in 1952 by the prof. Giovanni Casella, Villa Sant’Anna was renovated by Prof. Michele Cesare Casella, formerly surgeon of the University of La Sapienza in Rome, to realize a hospitality structure of excellence. Organizational restructuring has been studied according to distributive and functional procedures aimed at facilitating the essential and delicate activities of each of the subjects involved in the clinic. An example is the "Week-Surgery", whose activation is part of the company's project to re-qualify the care-offerings of the structure, which focuses on criteria of efficiency, quality and cost-effectiveness. The clinic is particularly relevant for the Center of pathological obesity, sleep disorders and headaches, highly appreciated in the context of Italian private healthcare offer.
Clinica San Francesco
Recognized among the most cutting-edge european structures in the field of orthopedics and in particular of the robotic prosthesis, Clinica San Francesco is the first structure in Europe to perform arthroprosthesis through an innovative robotic surgery system called Rio. This modern operating technique has decreed the success of C.O.R.E. - European Robotic Orthopedic Center, now considered as the reference point for resolving major hip and knee disorders. In particular, robotic prosthetic surgery, also called Makoplastica, allows to minimize complications during prosthetic implant work and accelerate recovery time of the patient.
Another highlight of the clinic is breast reconstruction by adipose tissue transport, a well-established and effective clinical practice at an international level. Introduced and refined by Dr. Rigotti, the technique was first screened and validated by the National Transplant Center (CNT). The grafting of autologous fat tissue consists in the removal and immediate replanting of fat from anatomical site to another of the same patient, in order to redefine the morphological profile of specific areas.
Casa di cura Montallegro_2.jpg
Casa di cura "Villa Montallegro"
Villa Montallegro is a facility designed for the well-being of the individual, with a view to ensuring high quality sanitary standards and the comfort of five-star hospitality.
It develops on an inner surface of nearly 10,000 square meters, surrounded by over one hectare of secular park; the three main buildings (Villa Montallegro, Villa Chiara and Villa Rosa), connected by internal passages, host recovery wards, specialized health facilities (laboratories, diagnostic instruments and surgical therapy) and medical studies dedicated to private practice of consulting and visit. The activity develops in the internal departments of diagnostic for images, cardiology, pneumology, rheumatology, neurophysiology and ophthalmology, completed in medical analysis and cytopathological laboratories.
Thanks to a great attention to the last details, both in cares and in hotel / restaurant services, Villa Montallegro is one of the most avdanced and innovative private healthcare in Italy.
Rugani Hospital_2.jpg
Rugani Hospital
Monteriggioni (Siena)<br />Toscana
Monteriggioni (Siena)
The origins of Rugani Hospital date back to 1932 on the initiative of dr. Remigio Rugani. In 1994, the clinic was taken over by Générale de Santé and, in 2008, by Garofalo Group, one of the leading Italian groups operating in the private healthcare sector.
The new structure, inaugurated in 2007 at SS 222 Chiantigiana (Colombaio) at Monteriggioni, operates within the National Health Service with 40 beds, of which 30 for the functional unit of general surgery, ophthalmology, orthopedics, otolaryngology, urology, and 10 beds for hospital rehabilitation.
The professionalism of the medical staff, the advanced methods and medical-scientific techniques, the high standard of services and assistance, the high comfort of the environments, an adequate organization enable to respond efficiently and quickly to the different needs and demands of patients, ensuring safe and proper performance.
Casa di cura "San Feliciano"
Founded in 1974 by Paganini family, the clinic’s task is to provide patients high-quality and highly specialized diagnostic and therapeutic services, in order to continuously improve the effectiveness, quality and safety of care, but above all the human relationship between users and health workers and the hospitality comfort.
The structural adaptation and the continuous technological improvement of the operating group and healthcare equipment bring the clinic to a high standard of quality and safety. The facility has Tac, Artroscan and ultrasound devices, as well as instrumentation and equipment for laparoscopic and endoscopic surgery.
San Feliciano clinic has six health departments: general medicine, nephrology, orthopedics, otorhinolaryngology, general surgery, rehabilitation.
Santa famiglia_2.jpg
Casa di cura "Santa Famiglia"
Located in the heart of Rome, the clinic Santa Famiglia operates within the National Health Service and is single-specialist in obstetrics and gynecology, therefore unique in its kind.
The structure represents a flagship of health, providing services of high professionalism in a secure, technologically advanced and very welcoming environment, recently and tastefully renovated and familiar, where the humanization of medicine is one of the pivotal points.
Every year the clinic welcomes the birth of over 2.000 children, assisting their mothers during the nine months of pregnancy, during childbirth and post-partum, encouraging and supporting breast-feeding and monitoring at home where required, in a discreet way, the homecoming and parenting goodwill.
Santa Famiglia is far more than an obstetrician hospital, it is the woman's clinic, where everything is conceived and designed to assist her before, during and especially after the happy birth event.
mater dei_2.jpg
Mater Dei Hospital CBH
Bari<br />Puglia
Mater Dei Hospital is the largest private health facility in Bari. It is managed by the company City of Bari Hospital (CBH) S.p.a. inside a group of three other medical centers in the province of Bari: the dialysis centers of Santa Rita, Villa Luce and City of Bisceglie.
Surrounded by ample and green gardens, the structure of Mater Dei Hospital is organized on 6 floors. In addition to the departments, offices and outpatient clinics, the hospital has a well-equipped conference room, a gym, a church and many other areas in the service of the patients and visiting relatives.
The hospital consists of the departments of Cardiology, UTIC, Haemodynamic Service, Cardiac Surgery, TICCH, all at the forefront of their field and with a highly qualified medical staff.
Santa Rita Dialysis Center CBH
The Santa Rita Dialysis Center is managed by the company City of Bari Hospital (CBH) S.p.a. inside a group of three other medical centers in the province of Bari: Mater Dei Hospital and the dialysis centers of Villa Luce and City of Bisceglie.
Surrounded by greenery, the structure works in coordination with the CBH Nephrodialitic department headed by Dr. Michele Giannattasio. Founded in 1983, over the years it has hosted numerous private health care departments. Today the Santa Rita Dialysis Center has 100 technical stations of haemodialysis.
Villa Luce Dialysis Center CBH
Bari Santo Spirito<br>Puglia
Bari Santo Spirito
The Villa Luce Dialysis Center is managed by the company City of Bari Hospital (CBH) S.p.a. inside a group of three other medical centers in the province of Bari: Mater Dei Hospital and the dialysis centers of Santa Rita and City of Bisceglie.
The structure works in coordination with the CBH Nephrodialitic department headed by Dr. Michele Giannattasio, and has 13 technical stations of haemodialysis.
City of Bisceglie Dialysis Center CBH
Bisceglie<br />Puglia
The City of Bisceglie Dialysis Center is managed by the company City of Bari Hospital (CBH) S.p.a. inside a group of three other medical centers in the province of Bari: Mater Dei Hospital and the dialysis centers of Santa Rita and Villa Luce.
The structure works in coordination with the CBH Nephrodialitic department headed by Dr. Michele Giannattasio, and has 37 technical stations of haemodialysis.