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What is a Second Opinion?
A Second Opinion is a clinical practice that meets your need and right to compare, confirm or correct a first diagnosis or therapeutic indication, both medical and surgical. This practice doesn’t affect the confidence of your own medical practitioner: in fact, its benefits are maximized if you involve in your decision your attending physician.
With’s Second Opinion you can have a complete evaluation of your medical history, diagnosis and treatment plan by a medical specialist. The purpose of this service is to give you access to additional information and medical evaluation via Doctors in MEDICALTOUR.IT’s network of Providers or outside the network if the medical case requires it. A Second Opinion ranges to all major medical specialties in MEDICALTOUR.IT’s website, including but not limited to general surgery, orthopedics, cardiology, oncology, neurology, dentistry, ophthalmology and gynecology. Research has shown that 45% of patients have a change of diagnosis or treatment plan after their second opinion.
Which data should I provide to have a Second Opinion?
How is the Second Opinion provided?
Why should I get a Second Opinion?
You may like to consider a Second Opinion in particular if:
  • your doctor recommends a major surgery
  • you have been diagnosed with a life threatening condition
  • you have been diagnosed with a rare disease or prescribed a long-term prescription
  • your doctor is uncertain about your condition or diagnosis
  • your doctor recommends a treatment option which you are unsure about.

Please keep in mind that you should have obtained primary care from a local medical professional before using MEDICALTOUR.IT Second Opinion.

Who will provide me the Second Opinion?
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Once you have submitted your second opinion request, our staff will help you to gather your medical records and create a medical case file, and you will be matched to a medical specialist who will provide you with a written evaluation of your diagnosis and treatment options.

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Second opinion
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